Fat Bike

The bikes from "fat wheels", the latest fashion, called Fat Bike and crazy fans, a bit 'mobility record and a bit' for design.
The latest fashion debuted officially in Cortina, usually track down armored with skiing, snowboarding and now riding the Fat Bike. We can call them the grandchildren of the beloved bike: mountain tires which section 3.7'' and 44mm wheels.

"Fat" is not reported to the frame, but the shell diameter of the wheel is 29''. The new revolution of the tire starts to infect fans of the genre especially, new bikes come where mtb surrender. Through special tires the ride has absolute grip, the low pressure measured around by a 0.5 to 1.0 bar allows you to float on sand, snow, mud and all those paths disconnected and inaccessible. Cyclists experts choose and employ the fat bike for extreme adventures or long-distance travel making the most of the formula bikepacking. ROTO, always attentive to the innovations and new trends launched this line of accessories, high quality and beautiful design.

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